Profil DUne Oeuvre Jean Giraudoux

ISBN: 9782218014208

Published: 1976

Unknown Binding


Profil DUne Oeuvre  by  Jean Giraudoux

Profil DUne Oeuvre by Jean Giraudoux
1976 | Unknown Binding | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9782218014208 | 4.38 Mb

Tiger at the Gates- or: Jean Giradoux, way to toy with my emotions, dude- or: why almost the entire internet is fired for not telling me about this play[tw: violence]Priam: The victorious general must always speak in honour of the dead when the Gates are closed.Hector: An Oration for the Dead of a war is a hypocritical speech in defence of the living, a plea for acquittal. I am not so sure of my innocence.Demokos: The High Command is not responsible.Hector: Alas, no one is: nor the Gods either.

Besides, I have given my oration for the dead already. I gave it to them in their last minute of life, when they were lying on the battlefield, on a little slope of olive-trees, while they could still attend me with what was left of their sight and hearing. I can tell you what I said to them. There was one, disemboweled, already turning up the white of his eyes, and I said to him: ‘It’s not so bad, you know, it’s not so bad- you will do all right, old man’. And one with his skull split in two- I said: ‘You look pretty comical with that broken nose’.

And my little equerry, with his left arm hanging useless and his last blood flowing out of him- and I said, ‘It’s a good thing for you it’s the left arm you’ve splintered’. I am happy I gave them one final swig of life- it was all they asked for- they died drinking it. And there’s nothing else to be said. Shut the Gates.Polyxene: Did the little equerry die, as well?Hector: Yes, puss-cat.

He died. He stretched out his right arm. Someone I couldn’t see took him by his perfect hand. And then he died.

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